Kate’s class will finish on 10th October, hopefully returning soon.

Tuesdays 12pm – 1pm

Costs £8    concessions available

I’m Kate, and I am an experienced qualified paramedic and yoga teacher. In my work as a clinician I have noticed that long term drug therapy often fails to address the root of a person’s disease, only treating symptoms as they arise. This ‘fire-fighting’ approach can lead to multiple pharmaceutical drugs being prescribed to a patient, including those to alleviate the side effects of the other drugs!

As a yoga teacher, I have seen how movement, emotional support and a positive mental attitude can benefit a person’s well being.

Yoga is not about looking good or being flexible!

I specialise in working with bodies suffering illness or injury. This can help you work within your abilities and aid recovery. My aim is to help you feel stronger and more capable, enabling you to meet life’s challenges with an open heart.

I often include breath work and a short meditation in my yoga classes.

“I want to help you develop a comfortable body, a peaceful mind and a full heart.

I have seen the transformation that yoga can help bring about. Learn to trust your body and to love yourself.

Together we can find the right practice for your body’s unique story.”

Contact kate@stleonards.studio