St Leonards Studio is the home of The Shiatsu College Hastings

Want to learn Shiatsu?


Training in Shiatsu can range from short workshops to enhance your own well being, to the start of a whole new journey leading to a professional qualification; a profession that is fulfilling and profound

The body has amazing capacities for self-healing, just look at the immune system and the ability to regrow damaged tissue. Shiatsu, along with other traditional East Asian therapies, focuses on assessing and strengthening these systems in the body. So Shiatsu does not treat or aim to cure any specific condition but aims to support the body function at its best, increasing wellbeing.

The Shiatsu College also offers

Yoga Teacher Training 200 and 300 hour BWY Approved,

Certified Level 4 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology,

Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training,

Qigong Teacher Training – Instructors courses and full teacher training.

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