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 17th September, 8th October, 22nd October 12pm – 2pm

Cost £15

Are you longing to connect creatively with your body, to release and relax, unfold and unfurl, pause and breath and allow your body to sing it’s own song?  This workshop is a permission slip for you to do just that and to luxuriate in movement that feels delicious to body and soul.

I offer a structured warm up and gentle prompts to guide you into moving.  No steps or choreography, just an opportunity to move and to be with playfulness, presence and curiosity.  We’ll work alone, in groups and in partners, offering and receiving mindful touch to support ease of movement.

No experience necessary.  These workshops aim to support you to feel into your unique bodily expression.  Move at your own pace and according to what feels good to you.

Even if it’s warm I recommend you wear a long trouser as opposed to shorts. Bring socks in case you want to slide on the floor (yes, behaving like a kid might be what feels nourishing to your body) and a warm layer (in case your body wants to be still and silent).

I am a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and I have a background in community dance and somatic movement.

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Restorative Yoga with Karen

September 11, 2023

17th Sept

22nd Oct

26th Nov

Join this 2 hour session to regenerate mind and body with some slow and mindful movement, relaxation and breathwork, and finishing with a deeply relaxing and healing yoga nidra (sleep meditation) .

Please bring; a yoga mat, a couple of blankets, a bolster or pillow, and an eye pillow if you have one. Please also bring some water or something to drink.
Wear comfortable clothing and bring layers as your core temperature drops when in relaxation.

Contact    07950638460

All welcome. £16 per session

Grassroots Shiatsu

September 3, 2023

Monthly Saturday Mornings

Grassroots Shiatsu is a way of learning Shiatsu basics without signing up for an extensive practitioners course. Through Qigong, yoga through the seasons, self- shiatsu and meditation you will learn how to give Shiatsu for friends and family and the basics of the ideas and philosophy that are the foundations of Shiatsu.

A Saturday morning session from 10am to 12.30pm

 £20 a session

OR Drop into the whole weekend; get a deeper taste of learning Shiatsu, developing healing touch for friends and family

 £145 per weekend

Both drop in  pre-booking necessary  – 07722868397

Sat 23rd /24th  September – Foundations – Shiatsu as a Healing Art

28th / 29th October   – Breath and Grounding

11th/ 12th November –  Depth and Centre

2nd/3rd December – Alignment and Connection

It’s brilliant 🤩 and you get to receive Shiatsu as well as give it.

Sat 30th September


Come and enjoy some fun partner yoga balancing fun and simple acrobatics!

Either bring your partner or a friend, or come alone and pair up with someone for some exploration of games and techniques to build trust, communication, connection and most of all have fun!

Most people that attend a beginners Acroyoga workshop end up leaving feeling empowered at doing something they never thought they could do. It’s much more accessible than you might think! No experience necessary but having a yoga or movement/exercise practice is a bonus. 


Next Workshop coming soon


On this 3-hour workshop we will continue working on the Hui Chun Qi Gong, a set of five balancing seated practices related to the Five Elements of the Daoist tradition. After covering the Water and the Earth sequences, we will move on to the Wood element.

We will also be reviewing more broadly the details of the principles of practice – including alignments, movement, breathing and mental awareness, through standing and seated postures.

Everyone is welcome, beginners to experienced practitioners, no limits of flexibility, age or prior knowledge. There will be a break half way through the morning.

£30 (concessions available). Please email or message me to book a place   or   07769 675 115

Study fully accredited qualifications by the sea 

contact Annie – 07722868397

Acupressure Course

Shiatsu Practitioner Training – Level 4 Diploma

Yoga Teacher Training

Are  you searching for a teacher training which will help you develop a more playful and exploratory approach to bodywork? One that introduces Qigong to your practice?  One that places spiritual development at its heart? Fascinated by Vanda Scaravelli’s approach to Yoga? Click here for a Prospectus

Online Anatomy and Physiology

Dates for Shiatsu, course starts 2023:

23/24 September, 28/29 October, 11/12 November, 2/3 December

6/7 January ’24, 3/4 February, 2/3 March

13/14 April, 11/12 May, 8/9 June, 13/14 July

Dates for Yoga Teacher Training, course starts 2023

14/15 October, 18/19 November, 9/10 December

27/28 January 2024, 17/18 February 16/17 March

20/21 April, 11/12May, 8/9 June, 20/21 July, 7/8 September