17th September, 8th October, 22nd October 12pm – 2pm

Cost £15

Are you longing to connect creatively with your body, to release and relax, unfold and unfurl, pause and breath and allow your body to sing it’s own song?  This workshop is a permission slip for you to do just that and to luxuriate in movement that feels delicious to body and soul.

I offer a structured warm up and gentle prompts to guide you into moving.  No steps or choreography, just an opportunity to move and to be with playfulness, presence and curiosity.  We’ll work alone, in groups and in partners, offering and receiving mindful touch to support ease of movement.

No experience necessary.  These workshops aim to support you to feel into your unique bodily expression.  Move at your own pace and according to what feels good to you.

Even if it’s warm I recommend you wear a long trouser as opposed to shorts. Bring socks in case you want to slide on the floor (yes, behaving like a kid might be what feels nourishing to your body) and a warm layer (in case your body wants to be still and silent).

I am a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and I have a background in community dance and somatic movement.

For more info go to Facebook.com/movingandbeing