Wednesdays  9am – 10am

Garuda encompasses the principles of Pilates, the breathwork and Asana practices of Yoga and the grace of dance and Tai Chi, bringing about a sense of ease and well-being.

Garuda is a fluid, hybrid method of movement, inspiring an intuitive way to exercise the body. It has all the benefits of a cardiovascular workout while stretching the mind and the body. Garuda is a test of mental and physical strength, asking for focus and concentration during the exercises.

You’ll learn how to control your body through precise stretches and actions, placing an emphasis on smooth, seamless movements without any stress on the joints. Through carefully choreographed routines, you’ll soon develop greater poise and control, and a leaner, more resilient body and a calm state of mind.

At the end of the class, you’ll feel amazing!

Alive, energised, relaxed, stretched and centred!

About Sally Paffard 

I started learning Pilates with Hana Jones way back in the late 1980s and then completed a 2 year Comprehensive Equipment and Matwork course with the Pilates Foundation 2003. One of the teachers on this course was James d’Silva who went on to develop his Garuda method.

When James started his Garuda Teacher Training programme in 2011 I signed up immediately and have been attending his teacher training courses and workshops ever since, gradually incorporating Garuda into my Pilates teaching and practice.

My love of Garuda has inspired me to study Fascia in Movement with Anna Barrecheguren (Brighton Pilates Studio), which has deepened my appreciation of how and why Garuda is so effective.

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