This is a class that anyone can join from beginners to those who want to deepen their practice. Vanda Scaravelli inspired an approach to Yoga that encourages you to ‘undo the doing’, to relax and move ‘without the slightest effort’.

In this class we pay attention to the breath, the spine and flow of energy in the body. We focus on Yoga as self-discovery and enquiry – as Scaravelli writes:

‘ To question authority is the mark of a good mind, unafraid to explore. Is it possible to have a different attitude in which a new intelligence, not imposed by others, but born out of curiosity, attention and sensitivity will emerge? In which body and mind, focused in one single action, collaborate together? It is just this revolutionary attitude that we are going to discover through a new disciple in the practice of yoga’

Come and explore with us: £8/£6 concessions. Drop In

Contact, 07722868397………for details of St Leonards Studio in house Yoga Teacher Training