Mark has been actively working on his spiritual development since 1996, initially with a strong foundation in Shamanism and then incorporating additional interests in Shiatsu, Reiki Healing and Tarot Reading. He has since gone on to teach in each of these areas of his life, as a faculty member of the Shiatsu  College Hastings as well as in his own private practice.

A foundation of his personal development and Shiatsu studies since 2009, Mark is pleased to bring Shibashi Tai Chi and Qigong to the Kings Road Studio with a weekly class for all ages and abilities.

Mark’s focus is on providing guidance, support and empowering tools to enable you to reclaim your wellness or develop your path. He is more than happy to discuss any relevant issue with you and find out how he can help you to move forward!

For more details about Mark Barwell MRSS(T) and his work, please visit his website: